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Hi Welcome to My website
My name is Donna (Nun4U)

I breed Chinese Crested Dog's
Where Quality matters
Hairless & Powderpuffs both
Which are born in the very same litters

My dogs are all raised with kids, love & care
and never abused, Come see the proof is in the Puppies/Dogs

Hypo-non-allergic to people, non-shedding
very Loving toy breed rarley bothered by fleas
Kids just adore them and so will You

Vet approved Healthy before leaving for new homes

They come CKC Registered with Microchip in Your name & Puppy comes with a 5 day full money back guarantee if found any health problems from a
licenced vet with proof

Then after seen by the vet with proof of good health within the 5 days a 1 year Health Guarante will take effect
If for any reason there is a problem at the vets within the 5 days a full refund/replacement is made

Please look under My "PHOTO PAGE"
on the left side for other pics of the breed 
as well as the pony like hairless dog's know as the Chinese Crested Dog itself THANKS

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Excellent temperment Puppies from
Excellent temperment Parents
Raised with Kids, Love & Care
Come see the proof is in the Puppies/Dogs

All are CKC Canadian Reg'd can become
AKC, UK etc... Reg'd no problem
Please read/CLICK Animal Pedigree Act below
All purebred dogs/pups by law must be REG'D

Any breed not REG'D can very easily be in reality a mix breed & sold as a purebreed (Lots Are)
which is full heartedly why this by-law exsists

Jokima Jasper & Jokima Joker Top bloodlines
Which I Myself imported in the bloodlines
Please click PHOTO PAGE at top left too see

A Very loving & long lived Healthy
(Toy Breed) Standing 10-13 inches at the shoulder
Outstanding excellent Health & Pedigree
Vet approved Dewormed & shots before leaving

Seriouse inquiries only & no pet shops or millers
please indoor loving homes only Reply

I only except cash or a postal money order in
Pink Only Thank You
I may consider a money wire into My account at
an extra 14 dollar fee My bank charges Me


Does very well in obediance, Has no doggy odour
100% Non-allergy towards people & non-shedding too &
Rarley bothered by flea's (No Flea's on These) &
Not a yappy dog either, will stick close to owner
Unconditional love at all times & loves to please

The loves of My life Could be the love of Yours
You too can be blessed with one of these little cuties
Makes an Excellent theropy dog for the Elderly
They love kids an other animals and will love You too
Can live a long healthy life 15-20 years no problem

Shave puff noses & See how beautiful they really are
With the V on Neck is very flashy looking as well
Up ears or down ears both for this clip or leave Natural OR

For the luxtury of a hairless/horse look just groom
Up ears preffered for the horse look, Poodle like Nose
The down ears can look like a Mini Afgan, Benji, Sheepdog, or even Terrier

I am a Member with the CKC, Canadian Kennel Club & All Puppies/Dogs are CKC registered no questions and comes with a Microchip inserted in the dog/pup & the chip # is also mentioned on the CKC Registration papers with All of Your information when Registered in Your name, address etc... and the CKC keeps a record of Your phone # to call YOU if Your dog is ever found from lost or theft

Please note: it is against Canada's Animal Pedigree Act (and therefore a FEDERAL OFFENCE) to sell a purebred dog without registration papers, or to ask for more money in exchange for registration papers. The registration papers belong to the dog being sold! A dog that does not come with papers cannot be proven to be purebred, therefore all purebred dogs advertised for purchase or sale must be eligible for registration with a canine registry. (ie. CKC, AKC, FCI, UKC, etc.) II page is not working

If Link is not working please go here;lang=en;method=AND;subject=50;corpus=c-stats%20OR%20c-regs;titre=animal;query=animal;x=3;y=9&docid=180120&exp=1

Donna (Nun4U)

Please fill in YOUR Email address to join My MSN Group ...OR You may view the page below here thanks

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OMG, They call this humane, 11 River Street Bust @
The president of the Toronto Humane Society – as well as four other people – are out on bail Friday morning after their facility was raided Thursday in connection with animal cruelty charges.

Unidog's Not a Panda Bare
SOLD Thank You

When emailing please title it CHINESE CRESTED
in the title if it reads (Hi,none) I will not open it SORRY

Send an email to Donna at