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These are all Buddy's babies See how gorgeous they really are

As You can see Buddy is producing very outstanding puppies
Buddy is up for stud at Seven Hundred Dollars to hairless OR
Five Hundred Dollars when bred to Puffs OR

My choice 1 hand pick Puppy back for the stud fee
I Will choose a Puff if only 2 Hairless in a litter

Buddy is also a CHOCOLATE Carrier &
He produces beautiful diluted colours like
Faded blonde puppies as well as black/blue
When bred to blue, black or black & white so far

Buddy's Scoobie now SOLD

I have lots more pics of Scoobie
He was such a sweety Mom is Panda

Buddy's Puff Girls
I kept Orca She has the 2
even patched eyes how sweet

The other puppy is SOLD

I kept Roxie the patched eye Girl :o)

The other puff (Shane) is now sold

Buddy's CKC Reg'd Puff Boy SOLD
Born Sept 29th 2004 (WED)

The most adorable Ivory/blonde & White Puff Boy in the world
He Will look just like the Blonde Girl below named "Emma Rose"
What a beauty

Eight Hundred Fifty Dollars Reg's pet OR
1000.00 Dollars with full breeding rights

Unidog's Panda Puff

My newest sweetist little Girl
Thank You Buddy

Buddy's Beautiful Blonde Girl SOLD
Her name is "Emma Rose"

I have 1 handsome adorable blonde boy above just like Her 4 Sale now
Just click on "P-Puffs 4Sale" Link page for more pics
He will look just like Her when matured 

This is Buddy (Unidog's Pirates Lil Lil Buddy)
At Stud 700.00 Dollars when bred to Hairless OR
500.00 Dollars when bred to Powderpuffs OR
My first hand pick puppy back for the stud fee

Buddy is such a happy very good tempered dog &
it really honestly shows in His puppies Way Excellent


Awwwwwww Ain't They Sweet :o)