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These are My Chinese Crested Dog's Hairless & Powderpuff (All Fluffy)
both are non allergy, non shedding & born in the very same litters
Where Magic is born

Hi, I am a member with the CKC, Canadian Kennel Club ALL of My Chinese Crested Dogs are CKC registered Hairless and Powderpuff both

All are Microchipped & the chip automatically goes into Your name when registered &
You may also chose puppies registration name of You'r choice under 4 months old &
of course with My kennel name (Unidog) as respect/knowledgement as it's breeder

These are what I love & breed as a hobby as I just love them soooooooo much

Pets are ALL sold on a NON-BREEDING Contract & ALL pets must be Registered no questions
it is the law (Front Chinese Crested page has the agriculture bylaws)

They come in a nice small (Toy breed) dog & all small dog's do live longer healthier lives &
Chinese Cresteds themselves do live longer then the average toy breed around 15 to 20 years
with out many health problems which in itself is a real pride and joy in ownership to own
they are well worth the price in itself which is little enough to pay for a long lasting love/life with your dog
as well as a privaledge in ownership

Cresteds however do need a Lamb Meal & Rice Formula dry dog food
can food is okay mixed except with beef or they can break out in allergies
They are also allergic to Wool

The big hairless boy with the famouse Super-Dogs is a son of Jokima Jasper + Lou-Ell's Marvella
who was born in My home
The same type as on the 102 Dalmations and Cats & Dogs as well as Lady and the Tramp 2
"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" And now including Good Boy & Kate & Ashley Twins New Movie
"NEW YORK MINUTE" (The Pony like Hairless dog is a Chinese Crested) :o)

Buddy is up 4-Stud (Black is Beauty) at Seven Hundred Dollars when bred to hairless OR
My first pic puppy back when bred to Hairless OR
Five Hundred Dollars to Puffs

If at all interested email I am located in Toronto Ontario Canada in the East Beaches area
Thanks, Donna (Nun4U)

Feel welcome to visit My MSN Group @  

Unidog's Lil Lil Buddy at Stud
Click on Buddy's Puppies for info
Father is Pirate & Mona is Grand-Mother
Buddy is just under 13 inches 33cm at shoulder
Buddy is also a Chocolate carrier &
Produces nice diluted Ivory/blonde puppies also

Unidog's Monkey is Luna + Buddy Pup
Unidog's Jasper is Pucci + Majic Pup
Jasper is now SOLD

Unidog's Munchkin at Friends Ginger + Harley GrandFather Shades + GrandMother Mona Harley is Shades + Mona X + Brother to Ninja

Buddy shaved down Born June 18th 2002
An Excellent Show Quality Producer with
Honestly Amazing Temperament Puppies +
The most Adorable Loving Cresteds of all time

Ch. Jokima Joker Father to Pirate
Grand-Father to Buddy
Buddy's black stayed black just like Me

This is Unidog's Unicorn Majic
a Chinese Crested Powderpuff girl
Deffinatelly NOT 4-Sale
Mother is Luna Father is Munchkin
10 Inches at shoulder at 9 1/2 Months

Unidog's Pucci Dragon is 7LBS 10 & 1/2 Inches Born April 11th 2000 with inlaws
Shades + Mona

Ch. Jokima Jasper was STOLEN
Never Sold or Co-Owned Ever Just ask AKC
Reg'd AKC # TN359483/01 #
Stollen by a show breeder in OKlahoma :o(

Unidog's Ponydog Jasper Loves (JASPER)
Born Feb 14th 2004
Pucci Father + Majic Mother

Unidog Shades a Spotted Hairless Chinese Crested NOW SOLD
Kojak/Moonswift 1 side Jokima Jasper on the other Father 2 Ginger, Pucci & Harley Ninja's Brother

Unidog's Cookie another spotted
I love & miss Her so much

Unidog's Magic Puff Her Father is
Unidog Harley in Black

This is Lost Acres Fantasy in the Night.pp (Pirate) Jokima Joker + Mi Lil Su Shei at Lost Acres
Father to Buddy

This is Unidog's Puff Agan NOW SOLD
Mother to Unidog's Not a Panda Bare
On Front Chinese Crested Page Bottom

Buzza Wiza Munch (Buzz)

Unidog's Ponydog Mickey Mouse
12 inches at shoulder & 6 LBS
at 6 Months DOB April 27th 2004
Mickey is now a Proven Stud WTG Mickey

Unidog's Ninja is now SOLD
Mother is Mona

Unidog's Spider NOT 4Sale
Mother is Mona

Unidog PowderPuff SOLD
Kinda looks like a white Benji

Tam-Lo's Mist O' Pheromone (Mona) SOLD
PowderPuff shaved to look like a Hairless Mother to Lassie, Spider, Ninja, Pucci & She-Bare

PowderPuff Chinese Crested
Unidog's She-Bare (WonnaB)
shaved down as a Hairless

Scoobie SOLD
Buddy Father + Panda Mother
Panda is 4Sale

Unidog Luna Hairless with Unidog's She-Bare Powderpuff Both 11 inches
She-Bares Father Ninja + Mona Mother

Unidog Powderpuff date on pic is wrong

Unidog's Luna Puppy "NOT" 4Sale
Pucci is Father
Unidog's Venus Mother SOLD
Ninja + Bambi

Unidog Hairless Male now SOLD

Spider loves the Baby
Baby is 4 1/2 months born Dec 20th 2000
Spider under 12 inches at shoulder

Unidog Luna all grown up
Right on 11 inches at shoulder

Unidog Luna as a Baby

Unidog Luna again all grown up