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These are Buddies Beautiful Babies that I've kept
Buddy is a Powderpuff version of a Chinese Crested Dog

Buddy is up 4 Stud to Hairless & Powderpuffs both AT
Seven Hundred Dollars to Hairless OR My first pick of litter Pup back for the services OR
Five Hundred Dollars to Powderpuffs No puppy back unless You want to

I will pick a puff if only 2 Hairless to the litter unless it's 2 litters or more from Buddy

This is Buddy
Unidog's Pirates Lil Lil Buddy
A true colour black & white proven stud Puff boy

Click top left Photo Page to see Buddy's Father Pirate &
Pirate's Father Ch. Jokima Joker

My Beautiful Roxie
Unidog's Foxy Roxie
is the one with the patched eye on the left
The boy Shane is now SOLD
My Beautiful Roxie
Unidog's Foxy Roxie
6 Months old Today
Born Nov 14th 2003

12 inches at shoulder 30cm
June 24th 2004

My Beautiful ORCA

Born May 26 2003

Unidog's Orca has the beautiful even black patched eyes on the right
The other is now SOLD

Both were born
black & white
Orca is Now Silver/Blue & white

My Beautiful ORCA SOLD
Unidog's Orca looks just like a Benji dog
in real life

Orca is now SOLD



Unidog's Panda Puff

This sweet little girl is My heart throber
I just love Her soooooooooo much